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Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Главный испытательный центр питьевой воды

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Главный испытательный центр питьевой воды

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Главный испытательный центр питьевой воды

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ



Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Chemical analysis of water of any type, examination of water quality, water analysis for radionuclides.

Centre’s working hours from 9 till 18 without break except weekends

Moscow, Business Park "Rumyantsevo", building A, 3rd office entrance, 4th floor.
Rumyantsevo metro station. 2 km of the Kievskoe highway.

+7 (495) 246-24-24
+7 (495) 246-0-935, 246-0-936

Mobile: +7-916-23-03-916

E-mail: analiz@gicpv.ru, voda@gicpv.ru

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

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Questions about water and water analysis

Questions about water and water analysis

This page gives some of the most common questions about water and answers to them. If none of them is the question of your interest, you can ask us via e-mail voda@gicpv.ru or call +7 (495) 246-0-935, 246-0-936

You can ask us the question in the guestbook on the site.

Where to check water quality?
CDWTC laboratory can check the water for content of organic and inorganic contaminants. CDWTC analyzes drinking water for the content of metal ions, anions, detergents, pesticides, phenols and other toxic substances. We do all types of chemical analysis of water.

We need not only the chemical analysis of water, but also the analysis for radionuclides. Can all this be done in your laboratory?
Yes, CDWTC carries out not only the chemical analysis but also the radiological analysis of water. We determine gross alpha and beta activity of the water sample, in case of discrepancy of water samples from the regulatory requirements; we analyze the content of individual radionuclides, and calculate the total effective dose received as a result of the water consumption.

How to check the filter?
You can take a water sample before and after the filter and give it to us for analysis.

Do you perform water analysis for nitrates?
Yes, we do. The analysis for nitrates is particularly relevant for water from surface sources and wells.

Can we drink tap water in Moscow?
You can, but it's better to let it through a filter and boil. Boiling protects against biological contamination, which can get into the water due to the pipe aging. Pitcher filter will be enough. Installing the expensive and powerful filters makes no sense, water is not bad in Moscow, and it is not very useful to drink distilled water for a long time.

What may contaminate the water at summerhouse?
The issue is complicated - basically, anything. If this water is from a well there can be nitrates, various organic substances. For wells fluoride contamination is more relevant. Contamination of watercourses with any heavy metals is not excluded. So it is better to check the water, then you will know exactly what it contains and whether it is necessary to purify it.

Could you tell what means the inscription on the bottle: drinking water, table water, sodium bicarbonate type, mineral content ?
According to a single TU classifier, starting with number 9185, belong to mineral waters, 0131 - bottled table drinking waters (non-mineral).
Accordingly, by the mineral content the waters are divided into:
- table drinking water - total mineral content up to 1 g/l,
- medical and table - total mineral content from 1 to 10 g/l ,
- therapeutic mineral water - total mineral content of more than 10 g/l.
Depending on the high content of a particular indicator, the waters are divided into sulphate, hydro carbonate, sodium, magnesium, calcium type, etc.

Can we drink spring water in Moscow? What is our spring water quality?
Drinking water from springs in Moscow is not advisable. Even if many generations of Moscovites drank from these springs. Unfortunately, the city does not have a single relatively pure spring. One way or another they are contaminated with pathogens, heavy metals, industrial oils and other toxicants. Even seemingly clear water may contain very dangerous contaminants. This is not the natural spring water, but man-made water that has passed through the man-made soils and mixed with sewage. It is dangerous to drink it.

Are there pure springs in Moscow suburbs?
Yes, there are, but each should be checked individually. Make the water analysis and you will know whether this water can be drunk immediately or it should be cleaned, or maybe you should not deal with it at all. In Moscow region there are both very clean and very contaminated springs. This depends both on the environmental conditions and man-made pollution.

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