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Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Главный испытательный центр питьевой воды

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Главный испытательный центр питьевой воды

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Главный испытательный центр питьевой воды

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ



Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Chemical analysis of water of any type, examination of water quality, water analysis for radionuclides.

Centre’s working hours from 9 till 18 without break except weekends

Moscow, Business Park "Rumyantsevo", building A, 3rd office entrance, 4th floor.
Rumyantsevo metro station. 2 km of the Kievskoe highway.

+7 (495) 246-24-24
+7 (495) 246-0-935, 246-0-936

Mobile: +7-916-23-03-916

E-mail: analiz@gicpv.ru, voda@gicpv.ru

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

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Chief Drinking Water Control and Test Centre

Chief Drinking Water Control and Test Centre

анализ воды, аттестат аккредитации

water analysis

Accredited CHIEF DRINKING WATER CONTROL AND TEST CENTRE (CDWTC) has been working for over ten years and has all the accreditation certificates required for work.

The main activity of the Chief Control and Test Centre is chemical analysis of water - all kinds of research of any types of water:

• analysis of water from wells, boreholes, springs;
• analysis of centralized drinking water supply systems, (tap water analysis);
• checking the quality of bottled water and various types of mineral waters;
• analysis of water in swimming pools;
• analysis of municipal and industrial wastewater;
• analysis of storm sewage;
• analysis of distilled water and water for analytical studies;
• examination of other types of water.

сертификат ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2011
ALL INDICATORS regulated by the current regulatory documents (SanPiN (sanitary regulations and standards), MU (Guidelines), GOST, etc.) for different types of water are studied. All research methods comply with the regulations as well.

Chief Drinking Water Control and Test Centre has the accreditation certificate of the test laboratory (centre) of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology No. РОСС RU.0001.2.ПВ06.


Taking into consideration the geology characteristics, almost ALL AQUIFERS OF MOSCOW AND MOSCOW REGION largely contain natural alpha- and beta-emitting radionuclides (polonium, radium, uranium, lead, etc.), which is often manifested in excess of the content of, primarily, a total alpha activity.

сертификат ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2008Determination of radionuclides content in drinking water is the basis for reducing the radiation exposure on the human body. CDWTC RECOMMENDS defining gross alpha and beta activity. This will allow you to be completely sure that the water is not contaminated. Radioactive contamination is very dangerous, because it can cause significant harm to human health!

Based on the results of water research, CDWTC specialists will prepare INDEPENDENT RECOMMENDATIONS on fine water purification, in case FINE PURIFICATION IS NECESSARY. Water analysis will show whether or not to purify your water and if necessary, from what pollutants exactly. Based on the results of water analysis, the Test Report is issued (legally binding).

ГИЦ ПВ - Лидер российского бизнесаThe Chief Drinking Water Control and Test Centre has certified its quality management system and has a certificate of quality management system compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001-2008).

The Chief Drinking Water Control and Test Centre also carries out soil analysis, including soil radiological examination and analysis of soil (greenhouse soil) for fertility.

CDWTC carries out CERTIFICATION TESTS OF WATER PURIFICATION DEVICES AND FILTERS OF ALL SYSTEMS AND TYPES. Based on the water purification devices test results, the Report is issued, which is the basis for the issuance of sanitary and epidemiological (hygienic) opinion of Rospotrebnadzor bodies and certificate of conformity. All research methods meet the state standards.

CDWTC CHECKS THE QUALITY OF BOTTLED DRINKING WATER AND VARIOUS TYPES OF MINERAL WATERS produced in Russia and foreign countries. During the period of work, our centre has carried out certification tests and research over 350 samples of bottled drinking and mineral waters (over the last year only, the Centre performed analysis of the most famous brands of water, including Yessentuki , Arkhyz, Karmadon, Narzan, Korolevskaya, Shishkin Les, Svatoy Istochnik, Senezhskaya, Dzhermuk, Bzhni, BonAqua, Aqua Minerale, Arctic, Evian, Perrier, Valvert, Vittel, Badoit, Voss, Nestle, Apollinaris, Saint-Geron, Donat, Bebi and many others).

Human health depends largely on the quality of water he/she uses for drinking and cooking. It is necessary to know its chemical composition, the composition of the substances contained in it. Before using a new borehole or well, the water should be analyzed for compliance with the state water quality standards. Chemical analysis of water has long been the main area of activity of the Chief Drinking Water Control and Test Centre (CDWTC).


There are many different filters and water purification systems. But before you decide to install such a system in order to save your money and determine the type of water purification device that will optimally match the quality of your water - PERFORM AN INDEPENDENT ANALYSIS OF WATER IN CDWTC. Analysis of water will significantly reduce your costs, as you will know whether you need to purify your water and what degree of purification is required in your particular case.

Hold off on buying the filter - perform the independent water analysis in the Chief Drinking Water Control and Test Centre.

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The Chief Drinking Water Control and Test Centre: water analysis, certification of filters, checking the quality of drinking water, chemical composition of the wastewater